College is the time for pushing the boundaries of your knowledge forward. It is a time to prepare for the great challenges of life that lie ahead, and gathering knowledge is crucial for the task.

A knowledgeable Jew is an empowered Jew.

Judaism in a Semester is a program designed for the college student who takes their academics seriously and wants to know more about Judaism. It will expose you to a wide range of Jewish issues.

The next program is scheduled for 8 Tuesday evenings beginning with the new semester in the Spring of 2019 , and will conclude at the end of the semester. Each lesson runs for 90 minutes.

No prior Jewish knowledge necessary.

Current Curriculum 

  • Lesson 1. Jewish History

  • Lesson 2. The Jewish Home

  • Lesson 3. Judaism's Literacy

  • Lesson 4. Jewish Life Moments

  • Lesson 5. Judaism's Wisdom

  • Lesson 6. Jewish Yearly Spiral

  • Lesson 7. Principles of Judaism

  • Lesson 8. Today's Jewish World




judaism in a semester